Fesay's Doors Are Us -  A Consumer Review
This site is a review of the poor service that we personally received from Fesay's Doors Are Us located in Southgate, Michigan (Downriver) & it's owner Don Fecay.  It is intended to give consumers the facts of our experience with the company and other links we have found about the principal of this company on the internet.  Our goal is only to inform you of our experience so you make an informed purchase decision.

Customer Service - Extremely Poor   
Installation -  Poor                                   


Front Door
Incorrect Storm Door - Promised to correct, but has not done to date. Closer on storm door so cheap that the hold open washer will not keep the door open.
Side Door
Installer Don Fecay knocked hole in wall & cracked woodwork.  He did
not even have decency to tell us.   Deadbolt inserted in door without
screws.   We had to adjust strike plate ourselves because door would not close without pushing in strongly.  Again cheap storm door closer.
After completing the initial door installation Mr. Fecay kept $600 deposit towards the windows and after 3 appointments (the first 2 he never called to say he wasn't coming & I sat around all day waiting, & the 3rd in which he came to the house at mid day and said he couldn't get the windows on a Saturday after promising the evening of the 2nd no show appointment that if he did not install them on that day that we would have our money returned. To date we are out $600 as he has not returned it.   
Buyer Beware!!!!!!!


September 5, 2003 - we ordered 2 entrance doors, 2 storm doors & 2 windows from Fesay's Doors Are Us.  Don Fecay told my husband that they could be installed the same day.  Our Contract

October 12 2003, Sunday Night - Don Fecay, owner, called & spoke with me and said that our parts had come in and that he could come tomorrow to install, but he now said that it would take 2 different appointments.  Since I was off for the Columbas Day holiday, I told him that I had a 9:30 vet appointment, but should be home around 10:30.  He said he would come around 11:00.

October 13, 2003, Monday - Don Fecay arrived around 1:00 to install doors.  First he installed the front door then installed the side door.  Towards the end of the front door installation he began spending a great deal of the time simultaneously having telephone conversations while doing the rest of the installation.  When the doors were finished for our inspection it was discussed that the storm door installed in the front was not the storm door that we ordered per the contract.  Per our contract we had ordered a full view storm door, but as you can see in the picture below this is not what Mr. Fecay installed.  He agreed that it was that he had made an error and would come out in the interim or at the next appointment and reinstall the correct door.  We set up an appointment for Saturday, November 1 for the window installation.  To date the correct full view storm door ordered has never been installed in the front, but considering all the issues that it turned out we had with the side door such as a hole in our wall and scratched up paint on the wall that had just been painted a few months earlier, the wood molding cracked, the strike plate was not aligned properly and had to be adjusted since it had to be pushed hard to get it latched, and the one error we found I have to believe even a teenager in shop class would be bright enough not to do was that Mr. Fecay did not even secure the deadbolt with screws as can be seen in the picture below.  In fact as you can see by the picture, he didn't even drill a hole at the top screw hole.  Maybe if he had taken the phone away from his ear for 10 minutes he could have handled this most complicated task of drilling a hole and inserting 2 screws.

Front Door        Deadbolt        Hole in wall  

November 1, 2003, Saturday - We removed brackets for mini-blinds in the dining room, took down curtains in living room, then moved coffee table, end tables and sofa bed.  Mr. Fecay never showed up and did not even have the decency to call.

November 3, 2003, Monday - I called the Fesay's store late in the morning.  Explained what had happened & the office gave me his cell phone number (313) 339-0035.  Don Fecay claimed that he was back & forth to Wyandotte Hospital all day Saturday because someone in his wife's family was diagnosed with “alcohol induced dementia” (Disclaimer - I have no way of knowing whether this was an honest statement by Mr. Fecay).  Although he owned a cell phone & I'm sure the hospital has phones also, he claimed that he did not realize he had missed the appointment until he was back at work this Monday morning.  (I checked my answering machine & caller ID and even though I had not called until late in the morning, he apparently still did not feel he was obligated to call me about his oversight when he did realize it).  We rescheduled to Monday, November 10 and I would take a vacation day from work.

November 10, 2003, Monday - This time using a vacation day, I again removed curtains and moved furniture & waited.  Don Fecay did not show up yet again and as before did not have the decency to call so I could use the day to handle other matters.  4:00 my husband came home & called Fesay's.  He left a detailed message with his mother at the store.  4:50 I called Don Fecay's cell phone number that I had gotten previously and got a message that it was disconnected.  The disconnection of his cell phone made us really wonder what this guy was up to.   5:48 I then called the store and Don Fecay answered.  He said - `oh yeah I was supposed to come out today, I was running behind and was going to call you, but' - and he left it at that.  I told him that the windows needed to be installed tomorrow, Tuesday, November 11.  He said that he just couldn't come tomorrow.  He asked a couple of times that we allow him to come do it Saturday, November 15.  Since I truly did not believe that he would do the installation Saturday, I asked him that if it wasn't done on Saturday whether he would refund our money.  He said "absolutely" that he would.   He also said that he would try to make good on our inconvenience.  

November 15, 2003, Saturday - Due to past experiences and our suspicion due to cell phone disconnection, we only moved the tables so that we could quickly move sofa and remove curtains if he did bother to show up.  Around 11:30 Don Fecay showed up at the door and told my husband that he could not get the windows because the seller was closed (so apparently the parts never were all in as he had said on 10/12).  He said he was sorry and would we give him another chance.  My husband asked him if he was going to keep his word about refunding our money since he was not installing yet again.  Mr. Fecay told my husband that he knew he said that, but that he would have to eat the cost of the windows if he did that.  My husband then finally fed up with Mr. Fecay's dishonesty, told him to get out of our house.  Mr. Fecay kept asking that we give him another chance.  My husband again asked him to leave our property.  Fecay then asked my husband whether he was going the hit him because he could tell my husband was fed up with the lies.  The fact that Mr. Fecay would make such a suggestion as my husband stood there with our scared puppy in his arms for all the neighborhood to see makes the suggestion all the more ridiculous.  Fecay continued to stand in the doorway of our home still blocking my husband from entering, who had walked out onto the porch trying to get this man to leave our home, so my husband now told him to leave or he would call the police.  Fecay stood in the doorway blocking my husbands way back into our home & would not move from the doorway, so my husband who was on the porch with the puppy in hand had to squeeze past Fecay to get to our phone and call the police.  As this was done, Fecay finally left the premises.  My husband's call was cutoff while speaking to the dispatcher, but since the call would be on record and Don Fecay had finally left, my husband did not call them back.  We have our theories as to why this man would try to aggravate a person by continuing to block that persons entrance into his own home, but we will allow the reader of this review to come to their own conclusion.  At 12:45 I went to the Fesay's storefront and it was closed even though the sign on the door said their hours were until 3:00 on Saturdays.  I don't know with any certainty why the store was closed, but I have to wonder if it had anything to do with the call to the police or whether Mr. Fecay was just avoiding making good on his promise to return our money or for that matter who knows if we are the only one he has played this game with.


November 17, 2003, Monday - We sent a letter to Don Fecay again reminding him of his agreement to return our money.  The certified letter was received by the store 2 days later, but to date we have yet to receive our funds or even for that matter receive the windows that we paid for.  I have to wonder whether these windows were ever even ordered even at this point since I would assume that a person with any integrity would have dropped them off to us by now if he wasn't going to return our money.  

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